Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Concealing spot on your face

Some women are blessed with spotless face while other worry about all sort of spot and blemish on their faces and how to get rid of them,getting rid of this spot can take some time before they disappear while some are permanent,since no women like to have spot that mar their complexion because having unsightly spot can really lower your self esteem,note that your appearance is the first thing people notice and we all like to make a good impression always,therefore,to cover those annoying spot you need to understand the detailed application of the face
Let me start by explaining what concealer means.A face concealer is a makeup product used to mask pimples,dark circles,small blemishes visible on the skin and it helps hide imperfection on the does a perfect job of hiding spot by blending the imperfection into the surrounding skin tone.this product is a makeup artist best pick because it add radiance to the skin while hiding under eye puffiness.

The concealer comes in variety of shades from the lightest to the deepest and have different coverage which includes the following:
: Loose powder concealer -This gives light coverage,heavier application with fully matte finish.
: Pressed powder concealer-comes in a compact and is also a coverage light.
: Matte mousse concealer -is a revolutionary whipped formula, providing an air-soft, perfect matte finish coverage, with a weightless feel.
: pencil concealer - comes in form of a pencil,quit good for hiding acne and eye bags.
: Liquid concealer-is smooth and silk completely disappearing into the blemish and covers spot with natural finish.
: Cream concealer-Gives light to medium coverage with a creamy matte finish.
: Paste concealer-Also called stick concealer gives touchable texture and flexible definition with medium hold.
Tips to guide you properly hide those dark circles,embarrassing blemishes and bumps with out drawing attention to the very thing you want to minimize----
- Use only new and clean product,Wand applicator concealers should be tossed within 6 months since they’re likely to grow bacteria. Stick, twist-up tubes, or compact concealers can last up to 12 months, especially if you use a makeup brush to apply the product.
- Choose a color that matches your skin tone.if you do not wear a foundation,the best makeup concealer will be about one shade light than your foundation you use this is important if you do not want to look cakey or streaky,thus women with medium to dark skin tone will usually have orange base tone concealer while peach or yellow tone will be perfect for light skin women.
- Use foundation before the concealer,the foundation alone can cover quite a few blemishes so you can use less concealer.After you have achieve
d an even tone,decide if you really need a concealer because less makeup is advisable.
- Use a light touch in applying your concealer,using your baby or ring finger gently tap on the spot and blend until even making sure that you move your finger in small pats.the aim is to make the concealer blend as smooth as possible so that powder locks into it in an even texture and isn't distrating or of the most common mistakes in applying concealer is over zealous blending,some women apply roughly and the effect of this is total wiping away of the product.
-Use special concealer to cover bruise,medical scares or moles.there is the neutral color concealer which effectively neutralize your area f concern,while some are meant to contrast with a particular kind of blemish.for example white tinted concealer can be used by light skinned women to blur dark circles or bruising and to brighten dull skin.
-For dark circles around the eyes choose concealer with heavy coverage shade lighter than your foundation and if the circles are very dark go tw shade lighter ,start applying from the inner corner of your eye and slowly spread the concealer outward.Always handle this area gently and use your ring finger it's the gentlest.
-Finally,using a velor puff dust powder above concealer,dust away excess with a brush,this help to lock and ultimately help it remain on the face through out the day.stick concealer is my best pick because it last longer then other type of concealer.
-for women with oily skin remember to choose an oil free concealer or you end up aggravating your pimples .Also make sure your face eye concealer should both feel very light and natural.

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